Monday, February 17, 2014

If you can't make a big change, make a little one instead....

We have been planning for a while - and saving - to finish our basement, and then re-decorate our living room (which we call the TV room).

The furniture from the TV room will furnish the basement so the boys will have their own "area", then I get to buy a new couch (ours is 10 years old) and put in an electric fireplace (I already have the mantel, tile, and fireplace all picked out).

My grand plan was to start on the basement this summer, then the TV room this fall, so everything would be finished by Christmas. Our holiday guests would all have a place to sleep, we will have 2 guest rooms, plenty of space for everyone to relax and not be on top of each other, and I would have a beautiful fire roaring in the fireplace on Christmas Eve with the stockings all hung with care - ahhhh, perfect.

Then we figured out our tax bill.

Not pretty.

So not pretty, in fact, that everything is on hold. Actually, we would be doing great to even start the basement in the fall.

All that saving, working extra, being careful with my spending - just to write out a ginormous check to the government.

So I was of course in a rotten mood for a few hours (probably would have been a few days if it wasn't for yoga and meditation). Disappointment, anger, and frustration ensued.

Then, I got over it.

What's the point in being so negative about it? I can't change the situation. Accept it and move on.

And appreciate the good - I'm lucky to have a house, financial security, a good job, a happy marriage, and to be able to pay cash for the basement and not have to take out a loan.

Life will always have it's surprises, and it rarely turns out as we have planned. Go with the flow and things are so. much. easier.

Move on.

But I was still itching for a decorative change, so I moved a chair.

That white chair used to be in front of the entertainment unit and was purely decorative. No one ever used it.

It was too far away to put up your feet, or to have a conversation with whoever is sitting on the couch.

Now, closer to the couch, it is used almost everyday.
Sometimes as a trampoline, but whatever.

It does close off the room  a little bit, but in a way it makes it more defined and cozy.

So it will stay for a while.

At least until I get my fireplace.

Even if it takes another 5 years.....


  1. My home has several big changes we're saving to do as well (2 bathrooms and a kitchen). It's hard when you're waiting, planning, and dreaming for the change to happen and then things keep coming up. For us it was tree branches that had grown into our pipes in the late summer and then our roof that sprung a leak after some bad storms. Here's to hoping we get both our home improvements done soon!


  2. we haven't done our taxes yet but I know that it's coming and we will be writing that big 'ol check too. Sometimes a little change, like moving the chair, helps. I do get a little tired of working so hard and having to wait so long for 'new' things but there is an obvious lesson there and I should heed it. Like you I am blessed with a home, food, and much love...time for a new perspective. Thanks for helping me see that. I think the chair is good there...until!